Electrical Wheelchair A8

The structure is made of an aluminum alloy frame that provides good resistance to the wheelchair. It is a material that does not sink, therefore, it is safe against any impact with external surfaces. It is also a kind of raw material noted for its lightness and stability.

Vehicle balance is guaranteed with anti-tilt wheels located in front of the rear wheels. These fulfill the task of preventing overturning backwards on very steep slopes. When deemed necessary, they can be removed effortlessly, and, after use, they can be placed back suspended at the bottom of the chair.

The rear wheels have been thickened, made with shockproof and anti-vibration technology. They are solid tires that measure 9 inches in the front and 12 inches in the rear. They provide a dynamic stability of 6 degrees and the static reaches 9 degrees.
It integrates an intelligent electromagnetic brake sensitive to the slightest human activation. It has an immediate response time and learns from frequent braking movements made by the user.

The operating principle of the Cofoe Xinyan A8 model is electric, but you have the option of changing it to manual mode by pushing a piece on the rear wheel. It comes with a 500W dual motor with a maximum forward thrust force of 6km/h adjustable in different power levels.

The motor works by means of a 12V 12AH battery in two pieces of lithium with 20km of autonomy. The package has a DC220V, 50Hz, 5A charger. The command control is made up of a lever that regulates the direction of the chair. Next to it there are some buttons that are used to increase or decrease speed, on/off and horn activation.

The seat has a protector that stores a breathable sponge cushion that can be replaced when the moment calls for it. On the sides, the chair has storage pockets. It is suitable for walking at night as it is provided with night reflectors.

It weighs only 28kg, supports 100kg and is foldable.

Finally, it includes some luxury additions that other electric wheelchairs do not have. Among them you will have: seat belt, rear driving reflector for the night, extra soft sponges and controls for any of the arms of the chair.

This product is very attractive thanks to its simplicity. It is a traditional electric wheelchair that integrates everything in a compact format. Not only that. It also includes additional options like detachable accessories, recline and rear-wheel drive that make it simply an option to consider.


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Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 68,5 × 44,5 × 89 cm

68.5 × 44.5 × 89 cm


Black and Silver


15 km


6 km/h


28 kg

Battery weight

7 kg

Supported Userweight

100 kg



Charging Time

6-8 H