A3 Foldable Electrical Wheelchair with Sportsmode

The A3 wheelchair is our best-selling model.
It is a new electric wheelchair, with the latest technology and ease of use. With A3 you will have the unique option of sport mode, where you can drive it yourself manually. A feature that makes it our most popular wheelchair, allowing you to stay fit and healthy.
A3 is equipped with a strong battery, good autonomy (20 km) and foldable. A good and healthy option if you are looking to stay active.

  • Exercise your arms manually
  • Electric and Manual Mode
  • For all terrain and weather conditions
  • Super Robust Steel Frame
  • Dual Motor of 500W
  • Foldable

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The perfect electric wheelchair for the user who wants to stay active and healthy. A3 is strong, foldable and with 20 km autonomy.
A3 has a sportsmode, which allows you to drive it with your arms manually. A feature our customers love, as it allows them to stay active and gain fitness.

The structure of the A3 electric and manual wheelchair is made of solid carbon steel, a material that provides two important benefits. The first is related to durability and shock resistance. But, the most outstanding is that it provides superior stability compared to other similar wheelchairs.

This quality is reinforced by the anti tilt technology of the rear wheels. To achieve this feature, two small wheels are installed just below the rear wheels to keep the vehicle safe, and prevent tilting.

The wheels have been made of solid material. The rear ones measure 12 inches in diameter while the front ones measure 8 inches. The thickness of both is 5cm and they are inflatable. The hardness of its raw material is ideal for passing over holes, rocky and sandy surfaces and brick paths.

Additionally, this electric wheelchair has an intelligent electromagnetic brake that can be controlled with just one finger. Also, it works 360 degree without blind spot tilt controller. Being intelligent, it activates at the slightest hint of touch and memorizes the braking movements most used by the driver.

The safety of the person is reinforced with an adjustable seat belt, made to support a body on steep inclines. The Cofoe A3 chair system works from a powerful 500W dual motor capable of avoiding obstacles without difficulty. It can be graduated in 5 speeds up to 6km/h.

The power supply of the electric wheelchair is a 12 V 12 AH lead acid battery in two pieces. Includes a DC220V, 50Hz, 5A battery charger. Although the system is electric, it allows you to change it to manual. If the electric mode is preferred, the user can operate the chair through a control that can be installed on the left or right armrest.

This remote contains an on and off button, two to increase or decrease the speed and, of course, it is waterproof. With the command you choose the direction and rotate 360 ​​degrees. The automatic voice reminder function can be activated, making its use much more intuitive. Finally, the total weight of this chair is 39.9kg. This can support up to 100kg and its composition is foldable, making it practical for day to day use.

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Información adicional

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 88 × 44 × 83 cm

General Dimensions



67 cm


91 cm


108 cm

Weight Without Batteries

33.6 Kg

Battery Weight

6.3 Kg


39.9 Kg




Folded Dimensions


Motor Capacity

500 W


Red and white

Charging Time

6-8 Hours

Supported User Weight

100 Kg


6 Km/h